We are "patient" zero, so we hardened ourselves!

May 11, 2015 - 4 minute read - Research

PaX/Grsecurity for Nexus 7 2013

Update( May 28 2015)

The porting work of the PaX patch already done. We tested it with Towel & KINGROOT. The result as expected: they all failed to root the Android 5.0.2 with kernel code base from 2014. Perhaps, we might try to make GRSEC & RBAC into the Android in the future………



PaX/Grsecurity patch for Nexus7, which the original version is 3.4 kernel based with a bunch of backport features and fixes. In some particular cases, TrustZone is useless if the Android kernel were compromised. I don't think we need another rootkit-friendly solution like SELinux always does. Get rid of one entire class of vulns in kernel would be an inevitable ways to make your device secure.

Credit for PaX/Grsecurity

PaX/Grsecurity is the most respected 0ld sch00l community and they have been creating the best defense-in-depth kernel hardening solution for 14 years. What PaX/Grsecurity brings to us, is amazing and incridble work. Unfortunately, there are a lot of reasons that PaX/Grsecurity don't get the credit what they deserves. Let me make this short: To love those who are hatred by BIG BROTHER. That's the fuc*ing point.

What makes us ticks

The age of IoT( Internet of things) is coming soon…There will be huge numbers of devices running with diverse communication protocols. For the simply classify, I'll only treat these devices as two types: One with TCP/IP stack, or not. The one with TCP/IP stack might have high probablity run with GNU/Linux. The one without TCP/IP stack may be just a simple MCU stuff. The heterougenous network need to be protected in various ways. These devices may be running on our cars, refrigrator, or everywhere around us, which could be a risk to our money-shitty property and even lives. That’s one of most important reasons we need to "H A R D E N E N I N G E V E R Y T H I N G" by free software.


PAGEEXEC paging based non-executable pages The PaX team, Mar 15 2003
SEGMEXEC segmentation based non-executable pages The PaX team, May 1 2003
ASLR address space layout randomization The PaX team, Mar 15 2003
MPROTECT mmap() and mprotect() restrictions The PaX team, Nov 4 2003
RANDUSTACK userland stack randomization The PaX team, Feb 12 2003
RANDKSTACK kernel stack randomization The PaX team, Jan 24 2003
RANDMMAP mmap() randomization The PaX team, Jan 24 2003
RANDEXEC non-relocatable executable file randomization The PaX team, Feb 19 2003
VMMIRROR vma mirroring, the core of SEGMEXEC and RANDEXEC The PaX team, Oct 6 2003
EMUTRAMP gcc nested function and kernel sigreturn trampolines emulation The PaX team, May 1 2003
EMUSIGRT automatic kernel sigreturn trampoline emulation The PaX team, Feb 19 2003
UDEREF Prevent improper userland code/date access by the kernel The PaX team, May 15 2007


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